EN 21420 Standard for protective Gloves

This standard replaces EN 420 and expands it to include the requirements for the raw materials used.

Limits for the pH value and nickel already applied.

The new EN ISO 21420 also introduces a new limit value for DMF (dimethylformamide) for gloves coated with polyurethane (PU). This now also makes it possible to comply with the REACH legislation with regard to hazardous substances and substances of concern. PSA manufacturers now have to show DMF values ​​below 1000 mg / kg or 1000 pp.

In addition, plastic materials that are in direct contact with the skin must have a PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) content of less than 1 mg / kg (coated gloves only).

Glove sizes

The EN ISO 21420 also has innovations for glove sizes. Manufacturers now have to define their own size system, which is based on the size of the user's hands:

  • The length of the glove must be greater than the length of the hand
  • The same applies analogously to the circumference of the glove and the hand
Furthermore, the sizes now range from size 4 to size 13. The new standard now allows size tables or half-sizes to be expanded (extrapolated)


With the entry into force of EN 21420, the labeling obligations also change. This includes the obligation to provide traceability data such as: batch numbers, production date or expiry date.

Furthermore, the visibility of the declaration of conformity is defined. This can, for example, be defined by specifying a link to a website.

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